TahoeBoating.com Is For Sale!

Thanks for your interest in TahoeBoating.com.

We’re the second owners of TahoeBoating.com, having bought it from the fellow who started it way back in early 1999.

That’s incredibly old in internet terms. In fact, you can still see what it looked like early on here.

The site’s age is one big/unduplicatable advantage in how well it does in organic search. Since buying the site, we gave it an updated look in WordPress, which is very easy to update. We’ve also done a lot of work on it’s organic search traffic, as that is our main area of expertise.

As of this writing, the site is top of page one for many terms, including but not limited to:

#1 “Tahoe Boating”
#3 “Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe”
#1 “Lake Tahoe Marinas”
#3 “Tahoe Boat Rentals”

In our opinion, the site’s highest and best economic use would probably be for an owner operator who is in the boat rental or marina business.

The traffic for the site has gone way up since we took over. From August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017, the site had 43,525 sessions by 37,640 new users. Our July 2017 was up 37% over the previous July.

Organic Search traffic led the increase with a 47% increase over the previous year. Organic search traffic in July 2017 made up 92% of the sites 13,117 sessions with 11,252 new users. That’s a lot of new and targeted potential customers for your Tahoe boating business.

This data can all be independently verified for serious buyers by us sharing access to our Google Analytics account.

Our advice would be to tailor the site to your business, update the info you choose to keep and reap the rewards! We’ll throw in up to 10 hours of free organic search marketing consultation. We’ll also connect you with our incredibly reasonably priced off-shore developer, so that you have the technical back up you need to easily change the site.

We’d prefer to transact the sale through an escrow company, but are open to other methods. We’d be willing to meet in-person at any time, although we’re in the San Francisco Bay Area… not Tahoe.

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself, “what is the price?” We’re asking $9000. It wouldn’t take too many boat rentals or too much marina business to make that back.

For more information or to arrange a time to speak on the phone, please feel free to write info@tahoeboating.com.

Thanks and have a great day!