TownsRated Needs Your Videos About Living Around Lake Tahoe offers videos about what it’s like to live in different cities and towns around the United States. As the slogan states, “What It’s Like Without Moving.” It’s a double entendre that doesn’t say if that’s moving from where you sit or moving from where you live.

The site further describes its service as “Watch first person accounts of what it’s like to live elsewhere, including tips, pros, cons and more. Send in your video review of where you live and leave your own comments about living in your town.”

It would be great to see a video like that on this site or on TownsRated that we could use about what it’s like to live in the various towns around the lake.

If you’re interested, contact us or and let’s see what happens. You can either use the contact form at the bottom of any page on TahoeBoating and mark it as a private message or feel free to write Of course, no one can guarantee what will be used. I would suggest keeping it factual, first person, upbeat and non-commercial.